Knowledge makes dreams come true

    AYESA, providing cutting-edge technology, engineering, consultancy and innovation services, based on knowledge, for the global society of the new era

  • Civil Engineering and Architecture

    More than 1000 km of railways and metros

    At Ayesa we design a more pleasant world

  • Consultancy and Outsourcing

    Education and telematic services for 9,600 schools, serving 2 million families

    At Ayesa we contribute to creating a better and fairer world

  • Industrial Engineering

    Leaders in biotechnology yeast plants

    At Ayesa designs are developed for an industry which serves mankind

  • Aeronautics and Defence

    Outstanding supplier of Airbus Military

    At Ayesa we innovate ideas and develop solutions

  • ICT Installations

    At the cutting edge of canal automation and the management of hydraulics

    At Ayesa, we install the technology of tomorrow

  • Smart Solutions

    Pioneers in zero emission transport technology

    Ayesa - engineering, information, imagination

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Ayesa Air Control lands in Germany as part of its mission to become a major player in Europe's aerospace industry

Ayesa Air Control (AAC) has taken off in the European market. The aeronautical engineering company has opened an office in Munich (Germany) as part...

José Luis Manzanares Japón awarded the Medal of Honour for Roads 2018

On the 7th of June, José Luis Manzanares Japón, the President of Ayesa, received the special mention Medal of Honour for Roads from the Spanish Road...

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