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>> Ayesa has reinforced itself in the field of electric power systems

Ayesa has doubled its specialisation in the field of energy, bursting onto the high voltage industry scene. To do this, in the last year it has put together a highly specialised team of over 30 people, who have carried out more than one hundred separate actions on substations in the last year.   

The multinational company based in Seville has a long history in the field of energy, both in engineering projects for electricity generation plants and lines of transport and in IT systems and digital transformation and even BPO systems for utilities. 

In fact, one of its pending goals was to expand its capabilities in the field of electric power systems. 

Juan Antonio Bascón, project manager in Ayesa's Engineering and Architecture department, pointed out that the company "is equipped to deal with any challenge in this field, with the creation of a highly specialised and experienced team of over 30 people”. 

The company's services range from detailed engineering for new infrastructures to the improvement or renovation of existing facilities, civil works design, electromechanical assembly and protection and control engineering. Thus, last year really saw Ayesa take off in this sense, executing over one hundred projects in Spain. 

The complexity of this engineering work, Bascón says, lies in the perfect synchronisation between the activities linked to the civil works, electromechanical assembly and control and protection. Always on very tight deadlines. 

"We've made improvements to substations that sometimes serve whole cities and therefore require the utmost level of precision and quality of the engineering work carried out, in addition to rigorous respecting of deadlines". 

Bascón also pointed out that these are detailed construction engineering projects "that involve hundreds and sometimes even thousands of blueprints, where there is no margin whatsoever for error".